Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 2010 Meeting

Members of the Roanoke Valley Pen Women met on March 3, 2010 for the first monthly meeting since December, thanks to snow.

The membership had a show-and-tell day. Each person told about their latest projects and current artistic activities.

Mary Tousman (standing), the group secretary, reported that she has found much enjoyment in a autobiography/memoir that she has started writing and illustrating.

Peggy Shifflett (sitting), the group president, said her self-published book, The Living Room Bed, will be released later this month. She noted that fellow Pen Women member Anita Firebaugh assisted her with editing.

Margaret DuBois, left, former group president, showed off her enamal on copper paintings. The pieces are fired, some as many as 10 times, before the piece is complete, she said.

Beth Ann Rossi, right, has been in the process of building a new home. She has kept and documented every aspect of the project. Her documentation and scrapbooking has taken up several journals and albums.

Gail Lambert, right, reported that she has been published in Senior News and other places.

Ethel Born, second from right, reported that her book From Horse to Buggy to High Tech, which is about the postal service, has been completed and is ready for distribution.

Judy Ayylidiz, first on the right, reported that she was a visiting reader at Marshall University and recently reprinted her book, Nothing But Time, among other projects.

Becky Mushko, third on the right, the group vice-president, reported that her book, Ferradiddledumday, has been released by Cedar Creek Publishing. She is currently marketing the book.

Anita Firebaugh, not pictured, noted that she is working on a booklet about Cloverdale and continues to publish articles in local newspapers.

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