Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Programs for 2008-2009

At our first meeting in September, our guest speaker was herbalist, Lovell Najari. We didn't meet in October because so few members were able to attend.

Because the Daily Grind in Salem has closed, we have changed our meeting place and meeting day. As of February 2009, we will meet on Wednesdays and, unless otherwise noted, at the Daily Grind on Rt. 419.

Here are the dates, places, and speakers (up-dated as of January 4, 2009):

Nov 3—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—Leighann Boone (glass jewelry)
Dec. 1—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—Christmas silent auction
Feb. 11—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—Ethel Born (dyes)—12:30-2:00
Mar. 4—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—Vera Dickerson (artist)—10:30-12;00
Apr. 1—Peggy Shifflett's house—TBA—12:30-2:00
May 13—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—TBA (writer)—12:30-2:00
Jun. 10—Daily Grind on Rt. 419—TBA—12:30-2:00

Members are encouraged to bring guests.

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